Auctions in progress - Scroll down past auction Info to see current auctions is progress.

Auction Schedule - we will run auctions on an approx 3 day rotating schedule when possible. Right Now we are adding new and ending Auctions on Tuesdays and Fridays.

To view an auction in progress simply click on any product on this page.

If the original sales price (buy it now price) is met then the item is sold to that bidder at that price and the auction on that item ends.

If there is a bid in the last 2 minutes of an auction then 5 additional minutes will be added to the end time.

Shipping will be combined when possible. If you are bidding on and  purchasing multiple items that end the same day -please wait to pay until the auctions have ended and i will send an updated invoice with the proper combined shipping amount. 

Please note the 2 new changes -

1. You can now see the user name who is the current high bid and see a history of bids up to 5.(Message me if you would like to change your user name to something more private) 

2.We have added an automatic bid function - so if you wish to have bids placed automatically (if you are outbid) then you must have a max bid amount (that you want to spend on the item) entered and check the check the check box for Automatic bid then hit the BID NOW button -then the program will automatically bid in minimum bid increments for you up to your max when someone places a bid higher.  

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